Introducing the new Stolp® Carry Case

How do we stay mobile yet more present in a world always-on? Make your daily environment not just a substitute for digital disconnection but part of the ritual.

Strike a new balance. Embrace digital without losing sight of what's real. For those who want to live the moment, whenever & wherever that might be.

Cross-body case.

Store & carry your phone & essentials while creating moments to reconnect with the real world when it matters.

Change your routine.

New ritual to phone more consciously on-the-go. Break with the habit of staying always switched on.

Switch "on/off" phone modes.

Store your phone out of sightbut still reachableOr go 100% out-of-signalwith the built-in Faraday pocket

  • Olive Green

  • Midnight Anthracite

  • Naked Silver

  • Maroon Brown

  • Champagne Gold

Made to last

High-grade anodised aluminium case and nylon strap. We got you covered for any situation on-the-go. 

Carry your essentials

Interior neoprene compartments to seamlessly store away & retrieve your key essentials. Any place, any time.

Product details

- Fits all phone sizes (e.g. iPhone 15 Pro Max)
- Fits most cards, keys, earpods, etc.
- Product dimensions:22.2x12.9x4.0cm