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Don't get us wrong. Phones are great. But despite all the good they bring, our bottomless scrolling habits and culture of 'always-on' comes at a price. It's time to get back in the driver's seat by discovering daily disconnection.

They say time is the one thing you can’t buy. And while that’s true, ironically in today’s digital world, human attention has become the new currency. As a result, the devices that connect us all, also tend to disconnect us sometimes from what it means to be human.

We believe it’s time we got back in the driver’s seat by rethinking our daily digital habits. But we’ve underestimated how hard it is to change. It’s true, old habits die hard. And disconnecting in today's world might feel terrifying.

Stolp® is here to make disconnection on the daily easier. We're here to tip the scales back in your favour by encouraging new habits, not desperately resisting old, rusty ones. By helping you discover new ways to switch off that work best for you. We’re here to guide. To make sure you keep making time for the things you care about every day.

We're here so you don't have to stop, and Stolp® instead.

Discover how Stolp® helps you build better habits

The story of team Stolp®

Stolp® was founded in 2020, a defining year for our complex relationship to digital technology.

In the name of love, Team Stolp®

We're millennials. So we know of a time before phones, and have lived with one ever since.

We don't sit in a lab, but we listen to what the science has to say, and try to put into practice so we can do better.

We think encouragement beats judgement. We're not afraid to speak our mind and admit we don't always get it right from the start.

We are optimists that believe we can change through understanding and the power of habits.

A curious bunch trying to rethink what digital tech & culture mean in our lives, and figuring out creative ways to balance phone-life.

Hi, we're Stolp®

Julien Yee, Founder Stolp®

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Disconnection by design

We see the daily smartphone paradox not so much as a technological challenge but more as a behaviourial change.
Our goal is to make disconnection feel easier, and more accessible. So that means we’re here to make digital disconnection part of your day.

After delving into the research around behavioural design,
we decided on the core design principles that form the backbone of everything we put out in the world:

Out of sight, out of mind

Phone settings like ‘Do Not Disturb’ or good old ‘Airplane mode’ create the illusion that, as long as we don’t get a message or call, we can give life off-screen our undivided attention. Yet, the research indicates this is not the case. Since phones are so strongly engrained into our daily routine, we stay hyper-vigilant when they're at arm's length. The mere presence of these devices makes us up to 20% less focused. It’s as if these devices keep our brain 'hooked' as long as they’re around.

The ‘out of sight, out of mind’ principle is critical as we want to break with the habit of 'always-on'. Putting up physical and mental barriers allows our brains to really tune in to other things, by tuning out from the endless sea of digital. 

Beautiful reminders

Just like how our phones are designed to attract our attention visually, our brains are very much wired to sight. Almost half of your brain’s capacity is allocated to it and thus it’s the most powerful of all senses to drive behaviour.

Environment plays a huge role when forming habits. And it’s not just the things we look at, but the entire space around us. Integrating disconnection into our daily routine starts getting easier when our environment is there to guide us in the right direction. With our designs we strike a balance, offering the visual encouragement to switch off while still respecting the modern aesthetics of today. 

The power of simple rituals

Your brain is lazy, rather than tired. That’s why it gravitates to simple, distinct sets of actions to form new habits.

By setting new rituals we mentally pre-commit and become more likely to succeed in new behaviours. Combine that with simplicity and you have a proven strategy to increase the odds of turning it into a habit.

Stolp introduces new, simple rituals to disconnect. We’re not competing for your time on a few inches of screen. We think out of the box, and encourage tangible routines so you can break with ones that don’t serve you.

Discover how Stolp® helps you build better habits