Funny enough, turning your phone's entire appearance to grey, might just turn out to be a great way of giving your life much more colour.

Have a look at your phone - all those apps & feeds. It’s one big colouring book. In fact, many of the most time-consuming apps deliberately use explicit, bright colours in their interface. And then you have those bloody (pun intended) notifications.

Our brains are attracted to things that are colourful and shiny, so obviously your phone and apps were designed as such.

At first, it might seem quite dull to turn your phone into grayscale - but that’s kind of the point.

Since basically everything turns to grey, it’s quite an effective trick to make your phone much less fun to use. And that might just be the thing. It’s like we can’t stop eating cookies, even if we know it’s bad for us.

Grayscale removes the positive reinforcements related to those bright colours on your screen. It’ll turn those endless feeds into a sea of grey you won’t be enjoying reloading over & over again.

Although, it might seem a bit extreme at first, I would highly encourage you to try it for at least a few days. Who knows you might actually quite like it and decide to leave it on. No matter what, I guarantee it’ll have added quite a bit of colour to your life, off-screen.

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