Scrollstop: the 7 day social media detox challenge

Scrollstop 2022

Scrollstop challenges

youngsters to pause all social

media for a week. 


Scrollstop challenges youngsters to pause all social media for a week. 


31% of Flemish people from 16 to 24-year-old indicate that they cannot do a day without social media*. 72% thinks that social media is too time-consuming.

"Aha, time to challenge them," we thought at Stolp. Totally up our alley, given that it's our mission to encourage smartphone-free moments.

Together with radio music channel MNM, we organised Scrollstop, a challenge for youngsters and their friends to stay off social media for a full week. The goal? To experience a world where real-life trumps social media.


Scrollstop, that's a whole week without social media.
Less difficult than it sounds and at the same time a huge eye-opener.

This social media-free week gives people, young and old, the opportunity to connect with each other in real life, and then use social media in a more conscious way. And while research has for years linked social media to problems such as stress and low self-esteem, a recent study also shows that one week without social media makes you feel better: more concentration, more life in the 'here and now', more contact with friends and family.

The goal is to challenge your friends, and to do the challenge together. Why? Scrolling has become a standard activity: while waiting for the bus, during playtime, for hours in bed... Understandable: a lot is happening on social media and young people want to keep up. FOMO (fear of missing out) is therefore their main motivation to keep scrolling: 65% indicate that without social media they feel that they are missing a lot of news and events*.

Doing the challenge with friends and together finding different ways to communicate, where there's no feed at hand, hopefully does the trick.

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