Don't stop, Stolp®

Don't stop, Stolp®

‘Don’t stop, Stolp®’ campaign is a new way
to catch people in the act, make them lookup
and think for a second.

After brewing on this idea for a few months, it’s really cool to finally see these going up all over Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Antwerpen. Making people feel bad about their phone behaviour won’t change a thing. We’re in the business of reminding you not to let life just scroll you by.


4 cities
2500 posters
3650 coasters
200km flat cycling
86 coffees
5h of laughs
1 guy with a sign

In the past few weeks, we worked with various partners, locals & friends in each city to make it happen. Seeing the many faces on the street and reactions online spoke volumes to the impact we had with this campaign. Our goal was to let creativity spark a dialogue, and it surely did.

More of this stuff coming very soon, maybe in your city?
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