Press pause on the digital noise

Let's face it. We all know certain moments in life deserve a little less phone. And yes, disconnecting might feel difficult at times.

We're here to make it easier by introducing a new ritual to pause any unexpected and unwanted distractions. To disconnect on the daily and get back to life for a moment.

2 out of 3

people find themselves too dependent
on their phone.

17 years

is the average time spent on our phones
in a lifetime.

9 out of 10

people want to reduce screen time,
but can't.

Start disconnecting on the daily with Stolp®

A new ritual to press pause

How to Stolp®?

Stolp® Phone Box is a Faraday case built with behavioural principles to help you disconnect more easily on the daily.

It acts as a visual reminder to disconnect at specific moments. By actively unplugging from phones, 'out of sight, out of mind', we improve our ability to pay attention to what matters. Once fully closed it blocks phone distractions and radiation. 100% offline in 1 simple gesture.

Ready to build new habits with Stolp®?

Step ①

↳ Open your Stolp®

Step ② 

↳ Put your phone inside

Step ③

↳ Close and get back to other things

Personalise Stolp®

Your team deserves to become 'indistractable'. Make a statement
by branding Stolp® with your logo and colours.

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