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Attention is the new currency. Don't let your teams pay for it. Constant digital distractions lead to shallow work, burnouts, technostress, and more. Stolp® helps you break with the culture of always on.

4 minutes

is the average time for an
employee to pickup their phone.

3 out of 4

 employees consistently
check their email after work.


of people experience
‘technostress’ at work.

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How to Stolp®

Stolp® is a Faraday case that is built with behavioural principles to help you disconnect more easily on the daily.

It acts as a visual reminder to disconnect at specific moments. By actively distancing from phones, placing them 'out of sight, out of mind' we improve our ability to pay attention to the things that matter. It's also built to block all phone signal and radiation. Once it's fully closed you're 100% offline. 

Interested in making the most of your Stolp®?

Step ①

↳ Open your Stolp®

Step ② 

↳ Put your phone inside

Step ③

↳ Close and get back to other things

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