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Beautiful reminder to unplug

Your brain is very visual and our environment helps us towards the right behavior. Stolp® acts as a beautiful reminder to disconnect.

Press pause on all digital noise

Phones in, close, voila. A new, physical ritual to commit to joy in life. Faraday case for up to 5 phones built to block all phone signals.

Out of sight, out of mind

Your phone's mere presence makes us 20% less focused. 'Out of sight, out of mind' principle wins you back your full attention.

Stolp® featured on

“My experience with the Stolp® Phone Box has inspired daily unplugging rituals and uninterrupted focus on being present in those everyday moments that spark the most joy.”

Product FAQ

Product Description

Stolp® is a Faraday cage for your phone, a technology ensuring that once the phones are placed inside, no signal can enter. No phone signal, WiFi, 3-5G,... connection whatsoever on your phone will come in, nor out. The goal? Pure peace of mind and uninterrupted focus and conversations. For more togetherness and flowing conversations. For more time doing what you love. For more slowing down. Time to be present, unplug and enjoy moments at their fullest.

Product Details

↳ Works as a Faraday cage. Once fully closed no signal comes in, nor out.
↳ Fits up to 4-5 smartphones, depending on size and cover.
↳ For all phone sizes: 16.7 x 8 cm.
↳ High-grade matte product finishing
↳ 100% offline. No radiation. 

In the Package

Inside the package you'll find

- 1x Stolp disconnection box
- 1x User manual

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