Stolp® Gift Pack (x3)
Stolp® Gift Pack (x3)
Stolp® Gift Pack (x3)
Stolp® Gift Pack (x3)
Stolp® Gift Pack (x3)
Stolp® Gift Pack (x3)
Stolp® Gift Pack (x3)
Stolp® Gift Pack (x3)
Stolp® Gift Pack (x3)
Stolp® Gift Pack (x3)

Stolp® Gift Pack (x3)

In all three colours. Sharing is caring.

A visual reminder
to unplug

Built to 100%

Out of sight, out
of mind

How to Stolp®

Stolp® is a Faraday case that is built with behaviourial principles to help you
disconnect more easily on the daily. 

Interested in making the most of your Stolp®?

Step ①

↳ Open your Stolp®

Step ② 

↳ Put your phone inside

Step ③

↳ Close and get back to other things

Product description

Stolp® is a Faraday cage, a technology ensuring that once the phones are placed an inside, no signal can enter. No phone signal, WiFi, 3-5G,... connection whatsoever on your phone will come in, nor out. The goal? Pure peace of mind and uninterrupted focus & conversations. For more togetherness and flowing conversations. For more time doing what you love. For more slowing down. Time to be present & enjoy moments at their fullest. 

Product details

↳ Works as of Faraday cage. Once fully closed no signal comes in, nor out.
↳ Fits up to 4-5 smartphones, depending on size and cover.
↳ For all phone sizes: 16.7 x 8 cm.
↳ High-grade matte product finishing
↳ 100% offline. No radiation. 

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     Rest of E.U.: delivery within 5 business days.

If you have questions on shipping or delivery,
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30-day, no questions asked return policy. 

In the package

Stolp® Gift Pack (x3)

3 x Stolp® — one in each colour 
1 x manual for each



For Teams

Custom Stolp® for teams?

Your team deserves to become 'indistractable'. Make a statement
by branding Stolp® with your logo and colours.

Explore our customisation options for businesses