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Faraday tech for modern life & space

A beautiful Faraday cage built to block all signals. Designed to fit on any table and made with high-grade materials. Mute any digital distractions, interference of radiation. Just drop your phone and key fobs into the Stolp Phone Box and shut the cover. No signals in or out. Pure peace of mind. You can always decide to simply store your items out of sight but keep them reachable.

For more moments well spent

Don't get us wrong. Phones are great. But despite all the good they bring, bottomless scrolling habits and culture of 'always-on' comes at a price. We tend to disconnect from our environment and those around we care for most. Take back the dinner table or movie night. Everyone drops their phone in the Phone Box for at least 30min. You'll be amazed how much togetherness and flowing conversations you'll experience. For more slowing down. For more time being present with those you love.

Recharge your focus and flow

The human brain is not wired to be around phones 24/7. Studies show that the mere presence of your cellphone drains your cognitive abilities by up to 20%. Committing to daily uninterrupted phone-free hours is a scientifically proven way to get into flow state where your work and passions get the time they deserve. Drop your phone in a Phone Box when you need to boost your focus by 20%. We think you'll grow to crave those moments.

Give yourself the sleep you deserve

Sleeping & waking up with your phone next to you has become the norm this day in age. Numerous studies, however, have shown that constant exposure to EMF at night impacts the levels of sleep hormone in our body. Secondly, checking your phone first thing in the morning disrupts a healthy waking cycle. The Phone Box completely blocks all radiation from your phone while preventing you from checking your phone the last thing before, and first thing after bed. Just store away your phone in before you fall asleep, wind down and gift yourself the rest you deserve.

Press pause on all digital noise

Let's face it. We all know certain moments in life deserve a little less phone. And yes, disconnecting might feel difficult at times.

We're here to make it easier by introducing a new ritual to pause any unexpected and unwanted distractions. To disconnect on the daily and get back to life for a moment.

Beautiful reminder to unplug

Your brain is very visual and our environment helps us towards the right behavior. Stolp® acts as a beautiful reminder to disconnect.

100% offline. Pause all digital noise

Phones in, close, voila. A new, physical ritual to commit to joy in life. Faraday case for up to 5 phones built to block all phone signals.

Out of sight, out of mind

Your phone's mere presence makes us 20% less focused. 'Out of sight, out of mind' principle wins you back your full attention.

Time to recharge

Just like our brain, phones need to recharge too. Add wireless charging to the unplugging experience and power up on life.

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    Faraday Phone Box for modern life & space built to store up to 5 phones and block all phone signals: 3-5G, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID. 

How to Stolp®?

Stolp® Phone Box is a Faraday case built with behavioural principles to help you disconnect more easily on the daily.

It acts as a visual reminder to disconnect at specific moments. By actively unplugging from phones, 'out of sight, out of mind', we improve our ability to pay attention to what matters. Once fully closed it blocks phone distractions and radiation. 100% offline in 1 simple gesture.

Ready to build new habits with Stolp®?

Step ①

↳ Open your Stolp®

Step ② 

↳ Put your phone inside

Step ③

↳ Close and get back to other things

2 out of 3

people find themselves too dependent
on their phone.

17 years

is the average time spent on our phones
in a lifetime.

9 out of 10

people want to reduce screen time,
but can't.

Start disconnecting on the daily with Stolp®

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